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<uselessabstraction> So I was just having a conversation with my fiance about Star Wars <uselessabstraction> particulary, about the choice of architecture <uselessabstraction> The amount of people who die from falling down bottomless pits is TO DAMN HIGH <uselessabstraction> like, who designs architecture like this? <uselessabstraction> catwalks with no guard rails whatsoever, just zigging and zagging through enormous voids <uselessabstraction> Giant holes to nowhere <gonzobot> &#12539;&#12444;&#12444;&#12539;&#12290; &#8203; &# 12290;&#12539;&#12444;&#12444;&#8203;_ΓΈ< qu&#8203;ack! <MerryPenguin> .bef <gonzobot> MerryPenguin you befriended a duck in 3.166 seconds! You have made friends with 17 ducks in #trees. <uselessabstraction> .bang <uselessabstraction> bah <MerryPenguin> It's by design <MerryPenguin> It's a cleaner look, for a more elegant time <uselessabstraction> like... who the fuck put this hole here???? and why???? <MerryPenguin> exhaust <uselessabstraction> Darth Maul falls down a hole <uselessabstraction> Palpatine falls down a hole <uselessabstraction> Solo falls down a hole <uselessabstraction> everyone falls down a hole <uselessabstraction> Star Wars universe needs OSHA <MerryPenguin> Luke falls down a hole <MerryPenguin> Boba Fett falls down a hole <uselessabstraction> yes. yes. <uselessabstraction> I forgot about those! <MerryPenguin> R2D2 falls down a hole in the Millenium Falcon after he fixes the hyperdrive <MerryPenguin> lol <MerryPenguin> we're onto something here <uselessabstraction> Obi Wan almost falls down a hole <MerryPenguin> C-3PO falls off the barge into the sand. Pretty close to falling down a hole. <uselessabstraction> his lightsabre does though * MerryPenguin thinks hard about what other Star Wars Characters fall down holes <uselessabstraction> what if the hole is symbolic <uselessabstraction> the hole represents the dark side <MerryPenguin> Nah, doesn't work. Luke chooses to fall down the hole instead of joining Vader/The Dark Side <uselessabstraction> fair point

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