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<therocode> I don't use dumbbells because they are dumb. <KVETCH> dumb in the sense that they don't speak <therocode> yeah that makes me feel lonely <KVETCH> barbells are pretty loquacious in comparison <KVETCH> which is why so many people wear headphones to drown them out <therocode> Scarecrow: i haven't figured out another way to get the same quality of simulation that is not super annoying to implement <therocode> KVETCH: yeah, it's similar sounds to when you sit at a bar - hence the name <KVETCH> and the bell is actually an abbreviation of belle, which is due to the hourglass shape of a fully loaded one <therocode> in fact "gym" is a cheeky spelling of "jim" as a reference to "jim carrey", which is in itself a play on words: Jim Carrey -> Jim Carry. "Jim" used in the same sense as "john" in "john doe" and Carry implying lifting weights. So, basically a place where people lift

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