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<Denwa> Italiana should only be in charge of making unreliable cars that look cool <Joe> proves how little of a true slav lives in you <Denwa> Now now <Denwa> Slav vehicle may also break down <Joe> maluch doesn't break down <Joe> nor does 125p <Denwa> But they also only need bottle of vodka and semecki to run <Denwa> Use mayonez as grease <Denwa> Good to go <Joe> maluch runs on literally anything <Joe> if you defecate or piss into the tank enough it will run flawlessly <Joe> though rip people who inhale the fumes <Denwa> Also aren't fiat 126 technically not Italian <Joe> manufactured by fiat <Joe> italian <Joe> designed by an italian as well <Denwa> But they were made in Polan.... <Joe> a lot of shit is made in polan and yet you wouldn't call it polan <Joe> like death camps for example <Denwa> You win this round

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