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<randymarsh9> what's the proper way to administer a remote linux server? <aeyxa> ssh <phogg> randymarsh9: Hire me to use ssh. <randymarsh9> phogg: do you take bitcoin <phogg> randymarsh9: no, I take payment only in Linux support. That YOU provide, later. <phogg> to other people <randymarsh9> what is ssh file transfer protocol claled <aeyxa> sftp <SporkWitch> scp <phogg> sftp > scp, but sure you can use scp too <randymarsh9> ok i want to use scp but whenever i try to edit/ move file i get access denied <randymarsh9> only root has access to modify those files <SporkWitch> you've answered your own question then <randymarsh9> i can't login as root though <randymarsh9> there's gotta be a simple way to do this without changing folder permissions everytime <randymarsh9> i know how from ssh but want to do the same from scp <aeyxa> There is, you log in as root <randymarsh9> no, i turned that shit off because some stupid security blog told me it's the right thing to do <randymarsh9> you are basically telling me the hard way to do it <randymarsh9> i already know how to do it the hard way i was looking for something easier through scp <randymarsh9> telling me to login as root is hardly an answer <aeyxa> randymarsh9: Log in as your user, then sudo up to root <randymarsh9> aeyxa: how do you sudo up in scp <aeyxa> randymarsh9: What files are you moving, where are you moving them from, what have you tried. <randymarsh9> aeyxa: want to edit files in /etc/ <aeyxa> randymarsh9: Do you have permission to use the root account? <randymarsh9> yes, but the login through scp with root is turned off <aeyxa> randymarsh9: If you only want to edit files, I don't know why you're asking about scp and sftp. <randymarsh9> aeyxa: because if i do it through scp i'm able to use the gui

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