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<scoob> so, question for you geezers <scoob> gotta be in NY in a suit tomorrow. ok, fine. Flying out tomorrow. <scoob> I can wear the suit on the plane and go straight, or I can pack it and change <scoob> both seem shitty <unclefat> are you flying in the animal hold ? <scoob> the finest economy delta has to offer <unclefat> can get you a gold medallion for $500 <unclefat> good odds on getting upgraded to a class that lets you hang your coat and doesn't fly you with some fatty's elbow up your asshole <unclefat> #justsayin <unclefat> also, for suit-wearing times i make them fly me in the night before and scrip a hotel room <scoob> yeah, this is personal travel <scoob> and just came in from elsewhere tonight <scoob> didn't get to go direct from place to place <unclefat> so where would you change ? <scoob> friends place <scoob> someone's hotel room <scoob> whatever <scoob> that part is squared away <unclefat> then i'd bring the suit <unclefat> and fly like the animal you are <scoob> all day erry day <unclefat> go get shorn and whatnot at your boy's barn

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