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SKoertig: I am trapped in a Bank of America please send help SKoertig: They do not have a bathroom SKoertig: I may die in this place. Artilicer: odd Artilicer: they let me use their bathroom Artilicer: last time when I was bleeding from the mouth thanks to wisdom teeth removal SKoertig: I think they literally have no toilet. Artilicer: so Artilicer: do they use the mouths of their customers or SKoertig: These are accountants. I am fairly certain they do not poop. SKoertig: Their buttholes are purely recreational in purpose. Artilicer: how convenient SKoertig: Please poop in my buttholehhfuffjrqqow SKoertig: Sorry one of the tellers stole my phone for a second Reuben Sandwich: fyi, the bathroom is not in the safe SKoertig: I escaped. No prison can hold me

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