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<Domsey> Woah, I got the weirdest moment of my entire life this morning <bender> what happened? <Domsey> you know, there was a party at my neighbours' last night <bender> yeah, you've been fucking drunk.. <Domsey> you've been there, too? <bender> sure... <Domsey> well, you see i can't remember anything <Domsey> but this morning I woke up in my bed, and there was my mom lying next to me. <bender> wtf...? <Domsey> That's exactly what i thought <Domsey> So, my mom got up instantly when i woke up, smiled at me and said "U're so much better than your dad is." then she left the room <bender> OMFG!!! <bender> you didnt do that! TELL ME IT WASNT LIKE THAT!!! TELL ME YOU'RE A DUMBASS LIAR!!! <Domsey> no, i'm not lying <bender> OMG!!! <Domsey> but it turned out she was playing a trick on me. Paycheck for coming home late, all drunk. <bender> ... <bender> your mom's such a freak. o.O

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