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<Montana> yeh but chinese for dinner.. Peking Dick FTW <Dauntless> ... LOL <Montana> omg here we go <Dauntless> Can you say bash.org? <Montana> why? so it can join the other 1 million quotes of random people saying 'i love wang.. oops typo, i meant computers. <Montana> Screw this <Montana> If i'm getting quoted I'm getting my moneys worth: <Montana> MONTY PRESENTS THE ULTIMATE QUOTE <Montana> OMFG my naked sister just ran into my room and before I could sex her she set fire/other means of destruction to my room but because Im a total geek it doesnt occur to me to get of irc and fix it. <Montana> I instead enter a conversation on computers: OMG MY COMPUTER HAS GOT A VIRUS! OH WAIT NO, ITS WINDOWS/LINUX/MAC/ NORTON/AOL. Now for the obligatory Windows ME insult where the name of the product is mistaken for a pronoun for myself: <Montana> ME SO GAY! WHOOPS IT LOOKS LIKE THE INTENDED PURPOSE OF THAT STATEMENT WAS TO HIGHLIGHT MY OWN HOMOSEXUALITY WHEREAS I MEANT IT TO BE THE HOMOSEXUALITY OF THE OPERATING SYSTEM! HOW EMBARASSING! <Montana> Now for the topic of sex: <Montana> I HAVE A GF.. AND BY GF I OF COURSE MEAN A GFORCE 20MB 3.45 SYSTEM RETRO POWER MAX SUPERMAN RAPING COMPUTER STICK! <Montana> Furthermore, I make a comment as to the worth of sex but comment of my lack of sexual activity. <Montana> Hmm <Montana> I'm forgetting the most impostant part! The lack of social interaction! <Montana> OMG I just opened my blinds and the sunlight burnt and I saw this guy with a swollen chest and I was like WTF and my dad says 'thats called a girl' im like WTF IS A GIRL then i went and downloaded 50GB of porn. <Montana> </end rant> <Montana> Anyways, as I said before.. dinner.. brb <Dauntless> o_o

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