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<born1986> why the fuck isn't my disc drive working <born1986> i fucking worked on that essay for three friggin' hours in school <born1986> i now i cant finish it 'cos my fuckin drive ain't working <Z00ass> you got the right drivers? <born1986> hell yes <born1986> it was working fine yesterday <born1986> why does this shit always happen to me? <Z00ass> maybe that little clip on the side is i nthe wrong position <born1986> i havent touched it since school <born1986> i'm growing impatient <born1986> ANGRY even <Z00ass> throw that shit out tha window . . . <born1986> OMG i fuckin did it!!! <born1986> FUCK!!!!! <Z00ass> it works? <born1986> no, i threw it out the window <Z00ass> the disk? <born1986> NO the whole drive <born1986> i live on the 6th floor, made a nice *smash* <Z00ass> :D <born1986> FUCK SHIT FUCK <born1986> THE DISK WAS STILL INSIDE <born1986> brb . . . <born1986> shit <Z00ass> what? did ya break it? <born1986> well i couldn't open the drive <born1986> so i had to pound it against a rock <Z00ass> :o <born1986> quite HARD <born1986> and you know what? <born1986> that fucking disk wasnt even there <Z00ass> ??? <born1986> i got so mad i threw the remaiders of the drive on to the freeway <born1986> and when i got back upstairs i foud the disk inside my bag <Z00ass> lol <born1986> I NEVER EVEN PUT IT IN THE DRIVE <born1986> i'm actually cryin right now . . . <born1986> wonder if i could make that drive work again <born1986> brb

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