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<booradley> I'd like to perform a one act play I call, "Creative screwed me like a bitch" <booradley> <audigy> Buy me! I'm ever so sexy <booradley> <boo> ok. come home with me and we'll play among the stars <booradley> <audigy> tee hee! I love you, boo! <booradley> <boo> I love you too, audigy <booradley> :: later :: <booradley> <boo> there, you're all installed. how do you feel? <neshura> down in front! <booradley> <audigy> LET JESUS FUCK YOU! VRAAAGH! * audience gasps. <booradley> * audigy is putting noise across your PCI channels <booradley> <hard drive> Mein leben! <booradley> * hard drive has died <booradley> <audigy> Blaaah! blaaaugh! your mother sucks cocks in hell! graaagh! <booradley> <modem> aaieee <booradley> *modem has died <booradley> and the new modem I got connects at 32k tops <Shendal> By far, that's the best one-act IRC play I've read this season. Do I smell a Tony award?

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