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<turno> I want to fuck Michelle's brains out with my huge fucking cock, over and over again .. and then her sister can come and join us too. <Seeker> Err turno, your mom reads the quotes on bash.org? <turno> I'll fucking KILL YOU! ! <Seeker> Your mom does work for the church ? If she reads what you just said she'd be pretty angry right? <turno> Dude you have no fucking clue, don't seriously... you'd be ruining my life. <Seeker> Don't worry, I won't post it. [Privmsg] <Seeker> Hey dude, I'm gonna paste something - will you post it on bash.org? [Privmsg] <opiate> the turno thing? haha you fucking bastard!! [Privmsg] <Seeker> hehe his mom's gonna fucking kill him, drag him to that church they go to and get the priest to sodomise him. [Privmsg] <opiate> yeah and then he's gonna come fucking kill us, still I reckon it's worth it;) [Privmsg] <turno> You're not gonna post it are you ? Please don't .. I'm begging you. [Privmsg] <Seeker> I'm not gonna post it:) and even if I did she'd never know that your nick turno was her son Michael Savu . [Privmsg] <turno> *phew* spose you have a point

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